Struggles of Hiring Quality Technical Talent

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 17:03

Have you ever found yourself looking to hire a resource with a specific skillset and just can’t find them? Well you’re not alone….many companies are finding it hard to fill job positions due to lack of technical background. Why are these skills so important? Well that depends on the company, but for most, specific skills are needed to fulfill many IT roles. The IT roles could be: developers, graphic designers, IT project managers, etc. the list goes on and on. What most are finding is that the resources applying for these jobs just don’t have the skillsets to perform them. Studies show that hiring managers select the right person for a job only 50% of the time, which lands you right back to where you started (square one).

Michelle Burton, Principal owner of CoreTech Revolution states some of the things she looks for when hiring technical talent is, “their understanding of technology, how it is used, and their willingness to remain current on new technology.” She also shares that when looking to hire specific resources that you be patient and choose wisely, don’t overlook recent college graduates or those eager to learn as they can be a great asset to your company.

Here are some tips to help weed out unqualified candidates:

Another important factor to think about once you’ve found the candidate(s) is retaining them. In today’s competitive market businesses must provide incentives in order to retain some of these rare finds. As the economy continues to improve, people will look for companies that offer such incentives and make decisions based on those offerings. The companies this may affect most are small-to-medium size companies. See below for tips on how to lure candidates from big businesses and retain them.

As technology continues to evolve there will always be a need to employ technology savvy people. Finding that talent may not be easy, but once you’ve found the right person(s) your company can move to the next level. Remember, the candidate you desire may not have every skillset needed, but finding a loyal, eager, and willing to learn candidate can be a huge benefit in the long run.

~Tosha Miles