Quiet Leadership

Quiet Leadership

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There are many different leadership styles prevalent in business. Most of us, when we hear the words leadership or leader we think of someone who is extroverted with a very Type A personality. Not all leaders have to be bold personalities, do they? What about someone who is more introverted? Can they make a good leader too?

What is a Quiet Leader? They are quiet, patient, thoughtful people who rarely let their passions rule their actions. Their patience gives them an advantage in the workplace because they are less directive than designated leaders and more nurturing. Quiet leaders are able to see a better picture. They get a deeper understanding of their environment since the people they interact with are comfortable and more open to share their issues knowing they are safe. They lead with influence instead of “command and control”.

Designated leaders and quiet leaders make a great team. Designated leaders instruct; quiet leaders question and give suggestions for change. When the designated leader gives the direction, the quiet leader inspires and motivates the same message from the ground up. This “bottom-up” approach can be very affect for projects within the organization. It creates the camaraderie for affective communication within the group. It empowers others to be creative and share their ideas on projects without the fear of the “it’s my way or the highway” approach from most designated leaders. According to the recent research published in the Academy of Management Journal, there is a significant correlation between the kinds of leadership style needed and the personalities and behavior of employees.

If you aspire to reevaluate your leadership approach or if you think that you can’t be a leader, reflect on the traits of a quiet leader.

  • Earned respect of the team
  • Influence rather than lead
  • Displays confidence, but not over confidence
  • Understanding, compassionate and open-minded personality
  • Approachable and easy to talk to
  • High level of flexibility
  • Excellent listener

If you hold yourself to the same standards and accountability that you are placing on you team, you will be quicker to earn their trust and respect. A must-have for effective leadership of any kind.

~Kristen Price