The Great Debate…Who’s better?

The Great Debate…Who’s better?

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It seems to be a part of daily conversation in the office these days…”I can do this on my iPhone, does your Droid do that?” or visa versa. You know, “Anything you can do I can do better.”

Recently a co-worker decided to test his tech savviness in the smartphone world and try out both the Droid and the iPhone to see which he preferred. Now keep in mind he was not well versed with smartphones so it was a good test to see how intuitive the two phones were for someone less experienced. The iPhone users and the Droid users in the office had their “two cents” for him and I think they even did a little programming for him too.

First, for him was a Droid phone by Motorola. In his opinion, usage was frustrating because of a feature that many people like: the extreme customizability, which is great if you’re comfortable with the technology. But for him, he felt he wasn’t tech savvy enough to handle it and wanted something more user friendly. He did like the larger screen size of the Droid and really liked the 4G network capabilities which, unfortunately, are only available in limited areas right now.

Second, was the iPhone4S - the phone he originally wanted but his store didn’t have. What he liked about the iPhone over the Droid was that it was more user friendly, with step by step processes to help him set things up. He also preferred the smaller size and heavier weight of the iPhone. So it may be that he preferred it in the end because that’s what he really wanted in the first place - an iPHONE! (Chorus singing) - OR it could be that he truly found it more intuitive. In any event a more experienced user in our office found it much easier to configure email accounts for him. His opinion of the was very tech savvy also and more user friendly.

Overall, he says he is not 100% sold on either phone, but if he had to pick one right now, he would go with the iPhone solely based on the feel of it. He says for his level of technical expertise, both phones are great and work just fine for what he needs them for.

Pluses I see for both: Droid phone manufactures offer the Android software on several different models. The iPhone is the iPhone, what you see is what you get, but Apple’s rich history in the technology market speaks volumes.

Something to consider for all users, with Oracle suing Google over the Anodroid software and the passing the iconic Steve Jobs , it leaves smartphone users with the question, what does the future hold for these two companies and their technology.

In closing, I think anyone can teach themselves how to use a smartphone if they have a good support system around them. It is all about what you need your phone to do for you. Either way, the first time buyer can select a very feature rich phone and not have to worry too much about what they are missing.

There are so many comparisons out there you could spend ALL day reading them but if you are in the market for a smartphone I think your best bet is to take the route that our office buddy here did and try them both out. Ultimately the best way for you to decide is to try them firsthand so find out if your service provider will let you test drive a phone to see if you like it first.

~Kristen Price