Project Management Made Simple

Project Management Made Simple

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Add Structure to your Work Day:

If you add structure, stay focused and remained organized you can greatly increase your productivity in every work day. The following points can really improve your day to day efficiency. Create a task list to stay focused and prioritize your work goals, know when it is OK to multitask and when a project deserves your full attention, use short breaks to keep your mind fresh and productive but don’t get carried away and last but not least make sure you meet your deadlines so you’re not the roadblock.

Task lists help you to stay focused and on task even when new tasks are added. Prioritize your lists to ensure you can meet your deadlines. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember all of the tasks that are weighing you down at the moment. Whether it’s writing them down on paper or maintaining an electronic list, actually looking at the list with a clear outline of the items you have to accomplish will give you a better idea of what is due and help you stay focused.

Know when to multitask: Ever feel like a juggler? You’re answering phones, sending emails, politely asking the line of people which is currently forming at your desk to ‘take a number’ all while you’re trying to finish a major project which is due in less than an hour…Sometimes everything else does need to wait. As much as we’d like to, we can’t get everything done at once. If you’re working on a difficult project that requires all of your attention then give it just that. Trying to multitask on ‘the big ones’ can end up taking more time in the end and not just the amount of time it took to complete the work is affected. The quality of work suffers as well. Tell the callers you’ll get back to them, most emails can wait and so can the horde waiting at your desk. Remember to stay focused and use your task list.

If you need a break take it. Do you feel like a comatose patient with barely any enough brain activity left to breathe? Then it’s highly doubtful you’ll be able to write a new proposal. It’s OK; everyone hits a wall at times and needs a break. Go out for a short walk and give your mind some time to refresh. Short breaks can improve your creative flow and therefore your quality of work, just don’t get carried away and spend more time on breaks than you do being productive.

Meeting your deadlines is extremely important; you’ve made a commitment so stick to it! Remember you are a part of a team and if you miss your deadline it affects productivity in other areas besides your own. Remember it is OK to ask for help. As much as we want to do it all ourselves sometimes it is just impossible and you need to rely on others for help. If you truly are the only person that can complete this project and you know you won’t be able to finish it on time for whatever reason then request an extension and don’t wait until the last minute. The more time you give them to prepare and adjust the better and the better it looks on you.

~Danielle French