5 Steps to Guaranteed Success

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Monday, 03 December 2012 17:04

Every company has a plan or strategy for tackling big projects, but there are always flaws and sometimes things can fall through the cracks.  We, at CoreTech Revolution, have the perfect plan because we approach each client with our five stage process to make sure that we cover all of our bases. We’ve worked with big hospitals such as IU Health and St. Vincent/ Ascension to independent physicians office. We are currently working with the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) and we’ve used our own, proven process with every one of them.

Each step is equally important. We approach every client and their issue with this process in mind regardless of who the client is. Each client gets the same treatment. We’ve helped many of our clients with selecting, implement and managing an EMR, PACS, Pharmacy, E-prescribing, Billing systems,  website, client portals, e-commerce and Clinical Systems. Each aspect of our clients’ “pain” is addressed with the same five steps and our clients are always happy. See our Case Studies for more details.

We pride ourselves in being vendor neutral, we’ve worked with McKesson, Eclipsys, Cerner, Fuji, General Electric, Meditech, just to name a few. We have no contracts with any specific system, therefore our goal is not to sell a product we focus on project unity, clearly communicate project/ vendor options, best practices, cost/ time savings and project delivery. Our goal is to help our client accomplish their goal with the least bumps along the way.

I would like to take this opportunity to describe our process and show you why the team at CoreTech is qualified to help you with your next IT project.

Our five steps are:

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Execution
  5. Assessment and Support

Discovery.  Identify the problem.  CoreTech will work with you and your team to ask questions and help identify the true cause of your problem. Every healthcare professional encounters issues in their day-to-day activities.  Whether the workflow needs to be streamlined or  the current technology isn’t providing the necessary tools, we can fix it!  This first step is the most critical!  In order to solve a problem we must first analyze your current situation, there is always room for improvement.

Design. Create a custom solution for your team. Once the true source of the problem has been unmasked, we work with you to develop a solution that will work for your team. Every physician's office or hospital has their own way of doing things and although it would be ideal for everyone to use the same system it doesn’t always apply and it is not always what is best. It is our number one priority to make your office, be it large or small, to be the most efficient it can be.

Development. Develop processes and documentation. After the optimum solution has been identified, we work to develop workflow processes, functional components, specific programming requirements, system documentation, and procedures that will be used to create the custom solution for your team and to train your system users. We want your team to be confident when using new tools or processes. We can create anything.  From screenshots to training manuals to step by step procedures we can do that.

Execution. Training, implementation and modification....the fun stuff. We will work with you to make any adjustments and implement the modified solutions. We are your partners throughout this entire process. We are creatures of habit and unless you are an IT professional adjusting to changes isn’t easy, we are here to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Assessment and Support. During this period we will become the support system for your team as they continue to become familiar with their new workflow. We will also work with you to develop any needed Service Level Agreements for your new system, including vendor requirements. And most importantly... celebrate! As much as we like being part of a team and helping our client evolve we want to reach the point where our clients can be comfortable with their technology and workflow and efficient enough to not need our services.

As we look towards the future, the advances in healthcare technology, the next stages of Meaningful Use and the Affordable Care Act we need to be prepared. Having a team that knows the business from every aspect will be a key. As far as the future of CoreTech, we will continue to grow and make connections. We will continue to focus on our clients, hospitals and physicians offices, and their IT implementations and changes. As well as working with HIEs,working to get every hospital and physicians office connected making sharing data possible.

Zoraida Kincaid

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