Diagnotes: A Pioneer in Healthcare Technology

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Monday, 03 December 2012 17:14

As a Healthcare Professional you always strive to provide the best possible care to your patients. More and more these days we see that advancements in technology can be used to help us achieve that goal.  One great example of this is the On Call system developed by a company called Diagnotes. The On Call system harnesses smart phone technology to help physicians make better informed decisions about the care their patients will receive.

What does this mean? Take a moment to imagine you’re on call and receive a page, your patient is ill and you want to prescribe a medication to relieve the patient’s symptoms but you currently have none or limited access to their medical history. How can you make the best decision for your patient’s care? With Diagnotes On Call software this is no longer an issue; once paged your patient’s medical history will be at your fingertips via the On Call application on your smartphone.

Improving your patients’ quality of care is one factor in Meaningful Use... The On Call application is also HIPAA compliant as the patient’s information is not stored on the physician’s smartphone. Their cutting-edge technology has recently awarded them nationwide attention as they have taken the first prize in both the Hoosier Healthcare Innovation Challenge and the BioCrossroads New Venture Competition. Diagnotes was chosen amongst their top competitors for creating the best solution to some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

We at CoreTech Revolution are proud that Diagnotes chose us as their sole implementation provider for this new tool that we believe will advance the course of healthcare technology. We are always striving to help healthcare organizations improve their technologies so they can provide the best possible care to their patients.  We expect great things from Diagnotes and are eager to see their On Call software improve healthcare as we know it.

Danielle French

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