Real Data, Real Time, Real Results for 2013

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 18:50

Trending for 2013 is Actionable Analytics.  What is it?  It is about using data to make smart business decisions right now! The way that healthcare facilities have managed operations and patient population data for decades is no longer adequate for business.  In the last few years with the help of the HITECH Act, healthcare facilities across the country have been implementing their EHRs (Electronic Health Records).  EHRs are collecting large amounts of data that used to live in a VERY paper-based environment.  This new digital version of the data has the capacity to make healthcare facilities more productive than ever, if it is used correctly.


Small, light and portable data is all the rave! That doesn’t change in the healthcare industry.  Healthcare facilities are embracing the smartphone and tablet era in full force. A report issued by Jackson & Coker said 80 percent of doctors are now using smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices at work. Tablets, mostly iPads, are now mainstream.  Now, healthcare administration is warming up to the idea of digital data and seeing its benefits. People in facilities everywhere are using this technology for monitoring patients, financials, inventory, notifications, and communications in real-time. Tablets which are the preferred device, help save time, energy, money and improve efficiency across the board.

So we have all this great data and an efficient way of collecting it, so now to the task of interpreting it so that it will be meaningful. This will require selecting the proper reporting and analytics solution to move the healthcare facility to the next level. Here are a few items for thought.

  1. Review your starting point
  2. Start with questions that will give you the best return on investment from the data you process. This will help you identify the key performance indicators.

  3. Find a comprehensive practice management system
  4. Essential things to look for: quick implementation, easy-to-use- interface, instant reports with at-a-glance analytics, personal user dashboards, HIPAA compliance, automatic triggers to alert that an action is necessary and the flexibility to accommodate other parties like government entities, pharmacies, financial institutions, etc.

  5. Patient Trending
  6. Understanding how people became patients is the best way to grow their organization, understand patient differences, minimize no-shows, maximize labor utilization and help to achieve Meaningful Use to meet 2010 health reform law.

  7. Revenue Cycle
  8. Real-time tracking from scheduling appointments to collections can really streamline the payment process in your facility. The ability to track these data will give you daily aging, identify seasonal trends and allow report comparisons.

  9. Clinical Reporting
  10. The ability to compare and contrast treatments for a single disease, identify interruptions of care (missing test, follow-up appointments), and increase the speed of treatment will produce better outcomes.

Think about looking at an action as it is taking place, predicting the results, spotting the flaws, and correcting the issues before they happen. That is what actionable analytics can do for your organization, empower decision flexibility at the touch of a button. Many in healthcare industry see 2013 as being the year where the focus is put on staying involved with patients. The data collected can do just that if it is processed effectively.

~ Kristen Price