Holistic Patient Care Gets Boost from New Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM)

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:04

As healthcare information technology systems continue to evolve to meet increasing demand for information exchange, care coordination, patient engagement, interoperability and analytics, a new model is now under development. HIMSS Analytics has launched its Continuity of Care Maturity Modelâ„¢ (CCMM).

CCMM will measure the readiness of an organization to deliver continuity of care as well as the maturity of a healthcare system in the continuity of care delivery. The model is still under development. HIMSS Analytics plans to launch a pilot data-gathering model and finalize the CCMM based on the pilot results.

The model is built upon the Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM) but goes further to evaluate technology implementation and usage, data collection and analytics, and patient empowerment in optimizing clinical and financial outcomes. Most importantly, it will provide the tools to automatically detect and notify health care professionals of gaps in care or clinical changes, even when the patient is not right there. As a result, health care professionals can proactively intervene; which should dramatically improve health outcomes.

The seven stages include:

Stage 7 Knowledge driven engagement for a dynamic, multi-vendor, multi-organizational interconnected healthcare delivery model
Stage 6 Closed look care coordination across core team members
Stage 5 Community wide patient record using applied information with patient engagement focus
Stage 4 Care coordination based on actionable data using a semantic interoperable patient record
Stage 3 Normalized patient record using structural interoperability
Stage 2 Patient centered clinical data using basic system-to-system exchange
Stage 1 Basic peer-to-peer data exchange
Stage 0 Limited to no e-communication

It is primarily designed for integrated delivery networks. One target of the model is a community-wide patient record which could include open notes and higher levels of care coordination.

Such a model, on a smaller scale, has already shown positive results. The Rhode Island Quality Institute has reported a 16% reduction in hospital readmissions through the use of its CurrentCare statewide health information exchange. Healthcare technology companies such as InterSystems have already announced their support for CCMM.

CCMM will transform healthcare technology by giving health care systems a way to gauge their progress toward optimizing outcomes for patients and health care delivery.