Prescribing Data: The Sophistication of Apps Takes on a New Level

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 19:45

Often the word “app” brings to mind-boggling games or virtual competition, but the new BlueStar app is on the cutting edge of diabetic technology and health care in general.  BlueStar is the first disease therapy to be prescribed through an app, gaining coverage from health plans. It’s part of a new FDA category of mobile prescription therapy. For your patients to use this app, you would prescribe it, then the pharmacy would adjudicate the claim and forward it WellDoc, which sets up BlueStar for both you and the your patient.

A randomized, clinical trial involving 163 patients showed improvement in glycated hemoglobin levels, as well as secondary outcome improvements in depression, stress, blood pressure and lipid levels.

This is how the app works: patients receive automated, real-time educational and behavioral messaging in response to individually analyzed blood glucose values, diabetes medications and lifestyle behaviors communicated by the phone. For example, a patient may enter a blood glucose reading of 66 mg/dl. He or she will then see information on how to treat the low level, and the product will display a reminder to recheck the glucose level in 15 minutes. You would receive reports summarizing the patient’s glycemic control, diabetes medication management and lifestyle behaviors as well as evidence-based treatment options.

As health care continues to evolve and physicians, patients and insurers look for ways to support around-the-clock support, BlueStar may give a glimpse of the possibilities. Platform such as this will allow for continuous communication and information sharing. The data from apps such as BlueStar could empower the patient, are easily shared with multiple health care professionals and could ultimately support overall chronic care and wellness management.