Best Steps to Migrate Your Data

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Thursday, 31 July 2014 17:13

While much focus is on Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2, there are already calls to extend the timeline for Stage 3 beyond the year delay in the latest proposed rule.  At the same time, there is still a need for clearer specifications and guidance in Stage 2. In all stages, there is a necessity for simplification of rules.

According to American Medical Association’s (AMA) analysis of the most recent CMS data (2012) on meaningful use, approximately 20 percent of eligible professionals have dropped out of the program; a number which is expected to rise with 2013 data.  In addition, the AMA says that poor EHR usability is partially due to a disconnect between the development of the EHR and its use in the real world. It called for more testing before certification. 
If you haven’t begun yet, MU is not a process to go alone. Utilizing experts who are focused on staying up to date can help ensure your compliance.  Selecting systems begins with a careful assessment of EHR products which includes close examination of decision support systems, interoperability standards, and health information exchange capabilities. EHR products that are web-based, have short installation periods, are centrally hosted, and that interface with health information exchanges are the best choices. Most importantly, they need to be products with very simple training sessions so that all staff, especially medical assistants, can be empowered to get the maximum value from those resources

How will MU participation affect patients?  These issues could include longer wait times, re-submitting information, and an inability to access digital copies of their records through a patient portal.

It is important for your facility to meet the deadlines.  This is the last year in which an EP can begin to get MU incentive payments.  Without any participation, there could be a 2% reduction in Medicare payments in 2016.  This equates to thousands of dollars for the average practice.