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Thursday, 06 May 2010 16:25

While attending the 4th annual Excelerate Hendricks County this month I had the pleasure of listening to a wonderful keynote speaker, Jeff Ready, Founder and CEO of Scale Computing.

Along with our company, Mr. Ready and his team are tenants at the Purdue Technology Center of Indianapolis.


Mr. ReadyI have a rudimentary understanding of what Scale Computing does. Mr. Ready summed it up for me, “We are a technical company for technical people.”  Scale was created on the premise that there are not many cost effective storage solutions for data. Mr. Ready and his team built a flexible, scalable, unified, easy-to-use and affordable storage system; you buy what you need, when you need it. To find out more about Scale Computing and what services might be beneficial to your company have your IT guy visit them at

But, Mr. Ready wasn’t there at the luncheon to talk about his company. He was there to inspire the entrepreneur in us to create ideas for ourselves and to teach us how to think through ideas and create even greater ones. He explained that he has a notebook with him at all times and writes his ideas down as they come to him. His premise is that “a bad idea equals failure and good idea equals not much” if you don’t share it. Customers have all the answers and you have to have interactions with them to move any idea forward in creating a product or service. He also made a great point; we need to create our own research. Googling only show us what others have found before us. We aren’t learning anything new; it has already been discovered. By making the contacts ourselves we hear firsthand what the need is. We have to TALK to people! Some of us would talk all day long if we could. Then why is it so hard to pick up the phone and call someone to share a business idea? They are going to steal it, right? I know. Well according to Mr. Ready, who has started six companies in the past 15 years with this method, it is ok because you are creating your idea not theirs. Hey, this approach works so well for him; I think I am willing to give it a try.

I will leave you with Mr. Ready’s very insightful 9 Truths. To find out about the meaning behind Jeff Ready’s 9 Truths contact him at He would be a wonderful speaker for any of your networking events.

Jeff Ready’s 9 Truths

  1. You need more ideas
  2. Your ideas suck
  3. You can always count on the incompetence of your competition
  4. The customers have all the answers
  5. Everybody wants to be a pirate
  6. You can’t use 3rd party research to verify an idea you already have
  7. The good idea will emerge from iterations on the bad ones
  8. You won’t learn to shoot a basketball by reading books
  9. You won’t learn to shoot a basketball by being the equipment manager

~Kristen Price