Project Management 101

Project Management 101

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Is Your Project Equipped with the Right Resource(s)?

Projects are a part of everyday life, but in areas such as Healthcare, projects can be enormous in size, long in duration, and very costly. A key factor to ensuring project success is having a knowledgeable Project Manager to lead the initiative. Statistics show that 31% of IT projects get canceled before completion, 52.7% of completed projects cost over their original estimates, and only 1 in 8 projects are considered truly successful.

Furthermore, research shows the top reasons why projects fail are due to inadequately trained and inexperienced Project Managers, failure to set and manage expectations, and poor leadership at any and all levels. It’s important to have the appropriate resources assigned to ensure your project’s success.

As you prepare to take on your next big project be sure the Project Manager assigned possesses the necessary skills to lead your project. After all, the Project Manager is the person running the show……

Top 5 skills to look for in a strong Project Manager are:

  • Pays attention to Achieving the Project Goals
  • Pays attention to the Details
  • Communication and Coordination with the Team
  • Problem Solving and Communication outside the Team
  • Customer Relationship Management

Other quality characteristics to look for….

  • Effective planning for project
  • Is able to identify and mitigate risks
  • Has excellent presentation skills
  • Possesses some technical skills
  • Ability to control scope, schedule, and budget of projects

The lack of these skills can contribute to project failure.

Another area that can affect a project’s success is the Project Team. Often times, resources are assigned to overlapping projects. This can be a huge risk as it can cause conflict when estimating schedules and can impact the projects budget. Having dedicated resources can help to mitigate some of the risks associated with the project. Other issues with Project Teams can be: lack of team cohesiveness, the wrong people selected to serve on the team, not attending scheduled meeting’s (could be due to overlap of other meeting’s), and lack of support from the project sponsor.

I have mentioned some key factors that can contribute to your projects demise. As your next project gets underway be sure to evaluate the resources you have assigned, starting with the Project Manager. The success of a project is derived by a strong Leader…

~Tosha Miles

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