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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 17:47

Companies have spent millions over the past several years to keep up with the demands of increased employee collaboration through various means, such as, cloud computing, company intranets, and shared calendars to create a platform for running a successful business. These are all great tools, unfortunately, they were not easily attainable for some companies until now.

Did you know that 25% of your employees’ time is spent looking for information? Well Google did, and in 2006 Google launched Google Apps. Google Apps offers a cloud based suite of e-mail, calendar, Instant Messaging, and collaboration tools. More than three million businesses run Google Apps and thousands more sign up every day!

Google Apps offers several solutions to fit your businesses needs. Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, and Google Apps for Education are among the more popular solutions.

The core components of Google Apps include:

Google Apps offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

At CoreTech Revolution we have been using Google Apps for almost a year and we love it! As a consulting company we are everywhere, so pulling up the Google Calendar allows us to quickly see where everyone is at any given time of day. The Google Docs are great too. We have a weekly status meeting, so having a forum where everyone can update their section of the weekly status report is awesome. No one person has to collect all of the detail to put the report together. We continue to explore more tools within Google Apps each day to see how they could benefit our company.

Now that I have you excited about using Google Apps to improve the functionality of your business and you are thinking about all the time and manpower you don’t have....well CoreTech Revolution can help. We are a reseller for Google Apps and we would be happy to get you started. Contact us today!

~Kristen Price

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