The Now Generation

The Now Generation

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Fast internet, stay connected in a jet
WiFi, podcast, blasting out a SMS
Text me and I text you back
Check me on the iChat
I’m all about that http, you’re a PC, I’m a Mac
MySpace in your space
Facebook is that new place
Dip divin’ socializin’, I’ll be out in cyberspace…

~ Now Generation, The Black Eyed Peas

As more cool tech gadgets and websites rule it is harder to stay on task. All of these ways of checking in and checking up can eat away at your day very quickly. So let’s use these gadgets to increase our business and make everyone more efficient. We are all looking for ways to improve our business and using certain pieces of all this “Now” technology can help us to do just that.

Here are some other ways companies are using “Now” technology:

Majority rules, so Apple it is! The use of the iPad in business is steadily growing. It is being used for real-time solutions by delivering business plans, architectural drawings, sales presentations, keeping sales teams up-to-date, and connecting to your market via social media. Delivering information in the moment; being proactive right in front of a client. How awesome is that? How could you use this forward-thinking technology to better your company and its processes?

Think Apps! Employers can use several different applications for time-tracking (Harvest, GTrax, etc.) and project management (Microsoft Project, BaseCamp, etc). Some are even free, so do your research before purchasing software. Choosing the right one to fit your business needs will help you, your employees, and your clients.

Data, Data, Data! With the widespread usage of social media there are many new gadgets available today that allow individuals to track any type of information you can imagine. From tools geared toward improving your productivity and health to tracking things such as personal shopping habits. Users often track and upload all of this information to their social media. Because this data can be collected by hospitals, social media organizations, and marketing companies, it is essential that forward-thinking employers think about how such data may be used. How can you make it your business to capture information about your customers to make their experiences with you better? If you own a mall, can you tailor your customers shopping experience via their mobile device from the moment they enter the store?

As a business in this new and booming era of mobile/social media growth, one question should always be in the front of your mind...How can you use the growing movement of the “Quantified Self” to improve your customers experience? Enthusiasts in this movement believe that by using the plethora of gadgets, smartphones, and applications available, can quantify the lives of your customers and make adjustments in their overall experience, if needed, resulting in a higher quality of life.

The technology to make life better is out there, so use it wisely. Self-improvement is just an App away.

~Kristen Price