Principles of Good Website Design

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Thursday, 26 May 2011 16:06

Like every other technology that impacts our lives, website design continues to evolve. Modern websites have many more ‘moving parts’ than those of a decade ago. Complex and user accessible back-end processing has grown to the point where every man, woman and child in the developed world could create and run their own online store.

Styles of the front-end design of websites have also changed dramatically. The brilliant graphics and sharp HD animation available and in wide use today were unheard of back in 1996.

There are, however, certain design principles that have remain unchanged since the very first website was launched back in 1991 and they are all based on the one thing that has not changed significantly since then: the people that use websites. Methods change, styles change, but people, well we pretty much stay the same – and so do the following principles that should always be evaluated when designing a website.

There are many other more complex elements that go into creating a website that is both attractive and effective, however, if you stick to these five basic principles, you’ll be off to a great start!

~Steve Barnes