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Does the future of healthcare revolve around preventative medicine?

Technology has spread to almost every aspect of our day to day life. The use of technology has evolved at such an exponential rate that we can’t get the new iPhone fast enough. Technological evolution has not excluded healthcare. We have gone from the very first electronic medical record system created in the early 70’s by Regenstrief to 4D imaging of cancer cells in action. So how does all of this technology improve the care we give/receive and our overall health? The abundance of information and knowledge available to us is paving the way for a healthier future by allowing providers and consumers to more actively engage in preventative medicine.

The care of our patients is shifting from problem-solving to prevention, and it’s a beautiful thing! As we’ve discussed in previous articles about Telemedicine, we are using available technology to not only reach more patients but reach them sooner. Catching health issues earlier can lead to better outcomes, including preventing re-admissions and improving overall quality of care. Now there is tremendous focus on preventive medicine, and it relies heavily on technology. More and more providers are using information collected by wearable devices or apps used by patients to get a better picture of a patient’s overall health and care for him or her accordingly. A patient at risk for hypertension or diabetes, for instance, might be asked to use an app to log his food intake, exercise or blood pressure. By using technology to track this detailed information over a period of time, a patient may be able to modify his lifestyle or diet and decrease the frequency of visits to his provider. When a patient does see a provider, the provider has the detailed information needed to help him better treat his patient. These types of technologies are all feeding into prevention and early diagnosis, and we expect to see both providers and patients continue to rely more heavily on these technologies. CoreTech is excited to partner with companies utilizing and implementing these technologies in order to better serve their patients.