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We use technology to improve many aspects of our lives. In Healthcare IT (HIT) we use it to streamline processes, improve the information we present our providers and ultimately give more efficient and better care. Each month we like to focus on the many positive aspects technology has on our healthcare but there are also negatives. There is evidence that technology is affecting the level of activity we get. Being aware of these issues can help us target a solution and implement it!

Having access to a vast amount of knowledge, entertainment and connection to others at our fingertips comes with its downfalls. You can order just about anything, play any number of games and FaceTime your grandma on the other side of the country and never leave the couch! All of those conveniences have freed us to do things we really want to do, and we are choosing to sit on the couch longer. Choosing a sedentary life isn’t just affecting our productivity. According to the American Heart Association heart disease is the number 1 killer and physical activity could help improve our health and prevent heart disease.

Instead of ordering books for your kindle consider walking to your local library and picking up a book instead. Or try downloading an app, here are 10 recommended health apps. Some apps track your steps or physical activity to encourage and make yourself accountable to stay active, other apps help with weight management such as myfitnesspal. For more information about the recommended amount of physical activity check out the CDC Website and talk to your doctor about what is right for you. Take the first step in a healthier you!