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Staying Engaged and Healthy

As an individual in the journey of achieving overall wellness and balance, participating in a community is essential to the stability not only of the community but also of the individual wellbeing. A perfect time to reflect on and demonstrate Robert Ingersoll’s thought, “We rise by lifting others.”

Socially isolated people are more vulnerable to illness and a higher probability to die prematurely than those who are included. Social networking sites have exploded because we all have the need to feel connected. Those who maintain their social network and support systems do better under stress and are physically and mentally healthier. Social wellness also encourages us to mature our communications with those around us. This includes the ability to share our feelings and needs, as well as notice those in others. It involves respecting yourself and others and developing a solid social support system in which you can contribute and partake.

The older generations are more prone to suffering from social isolation. As we get older maintaining the same level of social activity can become incredibly difficult. Some obstacles seniors face regularly are physical in nature but overcoming them doesn’t have to be unachievable. Using technology tools such as social media and apps can help seniors stay connected. Keeping up with technology can not only bridge the gap to younger generations but it can also help improve sense of belonging in a social circle.

This summer brought so much to be thankful for. Sun, fun and the celebration of freedom! Autumn is a great season to look for opportunities to enhance our social presence and chances to include those around us. Take action, call your grandmother or pay her a visit and introduce her to social media or an app to help her stay connected. The quality time together will bring both of you great satisfaction and in the long run better health.

Consider taking this brief and primitive assessment to determine your social wellness. Perhaps it will be enlightening.