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A Team Approach for Improved Healthcare

The words big data and interoperability are constantly used in the Healthcare IT (HIT) field but it’s imperative to understand why they are so important in creating a team to tackle patient care. The use of technology such as computers, smartphones and other devices has created a plethora of information. We need Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and companies such as Intel to turn that “big data” into information we can use to improve the health of our population. We also need the third parties such as CoreTech to connect all of the systems to create interoperability. We need a team to provide adequate care for patients; we are beyond the doctor-patient relationship. Healthcare is no different than Health IT, we need a team!


teamSpecialists are trained to focus on one piece of the puzzle and if you are suffering from a chronic or serious condition you likely see several specialists. It can become overwhelming to keep track of every doctor, every diagnosis, and every pill. Here is where interoperability comes in handy. Patients don’t want a patient portal for each specialist or hospital they visit; they need one location to view all of their information. Care providers have the same concern. We cannot treat one symptom without understanding what is going on with the patient as a whole. A great example of that is medication lists, having all of the information in one place is incredibly valuable. Healthcare organizations are slowly working towards a future of healthcare where we focus on the patient and not just the illness. In order to accomplish that, healthcare providers need to work as a team and they need to have all of the information easily accessible.


Once we accomplish interoperability and start making use of all of the data being gathered we can start focusing on providing care tailored to the individual. With the technology available to us today we can not only cater care but we can deliver it anywhere.