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Exciting Partnership Announcement!

CoreTech is proud to announce that we have recently partnered with Dynamic Health IT! Dynamic Health IT was established in 1999 to meet the increasing demands of modern health IT technology. Dynamic Health IT provides multiple Health IT tools that we have found to be outstanding and we feel will add great value to our customer’s organizations. One major benefit of working with Dynamic Health IT’s tools is that you can purchase all of their tools as a package or you can purchase specific tools that will satisfy the needs of your organization. This is extremely important to us because we receive multiple customer requests for very specific functionality. We appreciate the flexibility that Dynamic Health IT offers, which is something that is important in the consulting industry.

We were looking to partner with a company that has a robust product offering that many of our current and future customers in the health industry could benefit from. We wanted a joint effort where we could work together to sell and implement their products where CoreTech lead the implementation efforts and the DHIT team provided the development and support aspects of the implementation. CoreTech has a team of seasoned project managers, two PMP certified, who have extensive project experience implementing from planning to Go-Live of EMRs, Patient Portals, Transition of Care programs to help hospitals meet reporting requirements, migrations of data in the nation’s largest HIE, and many other areas in the HIT arena. We are very excited about our partnership because Dynamic Health IT and CoreTech Revolution combined have very knowledgeable staff and many years of expertise working with major hospitals and software vendors with a focus on Meaningful Use requirements. We also appreciate that Dynamic Health IT is a small business like CoreTech and embodies many of the core values as we do.

Dynamic Health IT offers several products. One of their featured products is CQMsolution, which is an easy to use web-browser-based reporting application for calculating, displaying and producing clinical quality measure output. Another product that they offer is ConnectEHR, which received the 2014 Edition Inpatient & Ambulatory HITECH Modular Certification. ConnectEHR meets interoperability requirements for Health IT Certification Criteria and smoothly connects with any EHR. With base EHR and bolt-on ConnectEHR functionality, you will meet Meaningful Use requirements. ConnectEHR also has a customizable Patient Portal that is ONC certified for Meaningful Use 2014 and meets both inpatient and ambulatory certified criteria for Meaningful Use. The patient portal allows patients to view, download and send CCDA documents and communicate with their provider through secure messaging. It also allows patients to access their clinical documents and send secure messages to their providers. In addition to Dynamic Health IT’s products being exceptional, they are bolt-on applications, meaning that they can be used with most any other products, including ones from other vendors or your existing tools.

At CoreTech, we want to review your workflow and work with you to identify exactly what your organization needs and ultimately find the best solution for you. CoreTech will work with our customers to determine the tools that are the best fit for their organizational needs. CoreTech has the expertise and experience to assist with the implementation to our customer’s environment while DHIT will do the development and training aspects of the implementation. At CoreTech, we’re excited about our new partnership with Dynamic Health IT and we’re looking forward to helping our customers find the products that best suit their organization-specific needs.