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The Guyer Institute: Customization Project Will Enhance EMR, Patient Portal and Customer Care!

About The Guyer Institute
The Guyer Institute (TGI) offers a multidisciplinary, scientifically-based approach to discovering the “root cause” of illness, putting the patient on the path of achieving and sustaining optimal health and well-being. Their vision is to come alongside their patients and create a new standard of medicine where their clients know that they are valuable to them. To achieve this vision, TGI limits patient consultations to 10-12 clients each day, ensuring that they can create personal relationships with each one. Unlike traditional health care facilities, TGI uses molecular medicine, therefore their needs are not the same. Dr. Guyer incorporates Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement into his treatments and some of his specialties include the treatment of Complex Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia cases.


TGI’s Requests
In 2013, TGI was in search of an EMR and Patient Portal that could be easily integrated with a customized online store, where patients could purchase supplements and compound medicines from their in-house licensed dispensing office, to fit the unique needs of their practice. CoreTech was hired by TGI to lead this project to help them determine the best path forward in finding and implementing a product that fulfilled their needs. Based on research and assistance from CoreTech, TGI selected iSalus as the vendor application that would best fit their needs for the EMR and Patient Portal component. CoreTech’s senior developer built the online store website and functionality within it where patients and non-patients could purchase supplements from without a prescription. After the completion of the initial implementation of the EMR, Patient Portal and online store, TGI identified a need for customizations within the patient portal and to integrate the online store with iSalus’ EMR and Patient Portal (MyMedicalLocker). Due to CoreTech’s experience and the relationship that had been established with TGI, CoreTech was chosen to manage the customization projects and also complete a portion of the development work for the integration of the online store with iSalus. The process started by working with TGI to understand exactly what they wanted and from there, we worked with our internal development team and also the iSalus team to map out the entire project, create contracts for all parties involved, develop a schedule and begin development work.


TGI’s first customization request was to customize their patient portal. TGI wanted the functionality for their patients to be able to request a medication refill prescribed to them through their individual Patient Portal account. This request would send a notification to TGI staff and allow them to log into the patient account in the EMR and either approve or decline the refill. They could then communicate their response to the patient through their Direct account within the patient portal. This request required extensive development work from iSalus so CoreTech’s role in this customization is to manage the entire project to keep all parties aligned and on track. This includes weekly status updates and coordinating any testing for final approval of the work completed by iSalus.


TGI’s second customization request was to integrate their EMR, Patient Portal and Online Store so that any medications prescribed by TGI that can be filled in their in-house licensed dispensing office will populate in the patient’s patient portal account and also in their ‘wish list’ in their TGI online store account. This customization will also give patients the ability to purchase Guyer medications prescribed to them via the online store and either have the medication delivered to them or opt to pick it up at their convenience at TGI office. When patients make their purchases in the Online Store the patient’s account in the EMR will be updated to show that the medication has been purchased and on what date. This project involves development work to be completed by one of CoreTech’s senior developers, along with extensive testing with TGI staff, CoreTech team and feedback from the iSalus team. CoreTech’s role is to lead this effort to completion by managing all parties involved, identify and track all issues and risks and coordinate testing. CoreTech will also help train TGI staff on how to use this functionality once the development work is completed.


Currently, we are in the development phase of the patient portal customization which is set to wrap up towards the end of 2016. The integration of the online store with the iSalus EMR and MML is in the final stages of testing and will be completed in the next several weeks.


The End Results
Once this project is completed, TGI’s EMR, Patient Portal and Online Store will all be integrated as well as the patient’s ability to request medication refills from the patient portal account. This results in a better overall experience for the patient and allows Dr. Guyer and other TGI staff to perform more patient centered work and have more information available to them so they can interact and communicate with their patients effectively. It also allows easy access for patients to request medication refills which is so important in today’s busy and technology driven world. TGI prides themselves in personalized patient care and these customizations will allow them to maximize their patient’s experience.