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CoreTech is excited to offer an outstanding Quality Reporting Tool to our customers!

One of the products CoreTech is proud to offer as part of our partnership with DHIT is their CQMsolution Clinical Quality Reporting application. CQMsolution is an easy to use, web-browser-based application for calculating, displaying and producing clinical quality measures. CoreTech was recently notified that CQMsolution is now certified for ONC 2015 Edition (Stage 3/MACRA/MIPS) and Clinical Quality measure (eCQM) criteria for Meaningful Use! This is the latest criteria from ONC and CQMsolution is the first and only application available that meets this criteria. CQMsolution is certified on all 93 CMS eCQMs, which breaks down to the 29 Inpatient measures and 62 Ambulatory measures, including the 64 PQRS crossover measures. We have found this tool to be outstanding and highly recommend it to our customers.

CoreTech is excited to offer the CQMsolution application as we feel it has many benefits that will make a huge impact to any organization that is currently putting in the huge undertaking of tracking and reporting their numbers to meet Meaningful Use requirements. One critical benefit that the application offers is that it is vendor agnostic meaning you can use it as a bolt-on application with your existing tools or you can use it with the other DHIT products. Another benefit of this tool is the granularity it offers your organization to truly drill-down by each specific patient you have and see how they’re information plays a part in your performance with each measure you’re tracking. The ability to have this insight into your numbers and how you’re tracking each month is invaluable!

The CoreTech team will take the time needed to work with your organization to identify your reporting needs based on the measures you are required to track. Our goal is to help your team  assess how you can utilize the full reporting functionality of the CQMsolution application to meet Meaningful Use. Once this is completed and we determine that this application is a great fit for your organization, our experienced team will guide you through the implementation process so you can begin tracking your measures and reap the benefits as soon as possible. With assistance from CoreTech, this tool will help your organization avoid penalty fees and be compliant with the measures you are tracking. The deadline to submit Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) to the Medicare EHR Incentive Program – and to submit EHR-based PQRS measures – is end of February, 2017.

In addition to the many benefits mentioned, below are CQMsolutions’ key functions and features:

  • User-friendly browser-based UI
  • Extracts data from your EHR database to calculate and display eCQMs.
  • For Stage 2 and 3 EPs (ECs in MACRA/MIPS), supports all PQRS measures aligned with CMS EHR Incentive Program and selected non-aligned measures.
  • Calculates Category III output directly from a database or by aggregating Category I QRDAs
  • Supports the latest CMS measures and latest Cypress version (3.0)
  • Includes QRDA Category I Report calculation and QRDA Category III output
  • Certified to support the latest version of all 93 CQMs
  • Supports all 64 aligned PQRS measures for EPs (additional PQRS Measures can be supported)
  • Imports QRDA I XML files or vendor-supplied data for Report Calculation
  • Performs optimal calculation of measures for QRDA III submission
  • Generates QRDA I, QRDA III and PQRS QRDA output from your data
  • Single Sign On (SSO) support
  • Audit log for monitoring system activity

At CoreTech, our primary focus is on building relationships with our customers; ultimately we want to help our clients find a robust reporting tool that best suits their needs. From experience, we understand how daunting the entire implementation process can be for our customers. That’s where CoreTech will become a huge asset to your organization because we have a total of over 15 years of project management experience with researching and implementing EMR’s, Patient Portals and Reporting applications.

Contact CoreTech today for more information and see how we can help your organization track and meet your Meaningful Use requirements!

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