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CoreTech is offering a Patient Portal that ensures your organization meets Meaningful Use requirements!

CoreTech has recently partnered with Dynamic HealthIT and we are excited to offer their outstanding Patient Portal to our customers. Like CoreTech, this product is vendor agnostic, meaning the Patient Portal can be used in conjunction with other another vendor’s products or your existing tools. This alone could save an organization a substantial amount of money if this is the only application they’re looking to purchase! On top of that this Patient Portal is designed to meet the numerous requirements for Meaningful Use which is critical as we are winding up 2016 and heading into 2017.

Given CoreTech’s ample experience assisting organizations in meeting critical Meaningful Use  requirements, we understand the importance of finding the best product for your budget so you can begin tracking and reporting your numbers as soon as possible. From our years of experience working with patient portals we believe that it’s crucial to find a patient portal that enables you to meet Meaningful Use requirements as efficiently as possible.

CoreTech believes that this Patient Portal has several features that stand out and make it of great value for our customers. A prominent feature is that this Patient Portal meets both inpatient and ambulatory certified criteria for Meaningful Use. The Patient Portal also meets the Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2014 Edition) View, Download & Transmit requirement (VDT) – which provides patients the ability to view, download and transmit their health information within four business days of the information being available. VDT is one of the most difficult Stage 2 requirements for both vendors & providers. It’s vital to meet these Meaningful Use requirements in order to avoid penalties and receive monetary incentives from CMS.

The Patient Portal also features a direct address book that allows patients to send and receive secure messages to their provider or clinical staff through the Intranet. This will help providers track patient engagement, which allows patients to take greater ownership of their healthcare, and allows faster and easier access for patients to communicate with those providing them care. The portal also offers built-in connectivity to the MaxMD HISP, with optional connectivity to other HISPs. This HISP functionality allows users to view, download and transmit the CCDA via Direct messaging. In addition to the features mentioned above, below are the Patient Portal’s additional outstanding features:

  • Web-based Dashboard for Administrators feature
  • Audit log for patients to monitor their Portal activity
  • Create Patient Portal accounts with or without Pin/Token
  • Broadcast public messages to personal email
  • Access to the Clinical Summary and ability to print those documents
  • Automatic and manual utilization reporting, if using the ADT feed
  • Customizable user interface and features for account activation and notifications
  • Customizations include: custom provider branding, custom disclaimer text and landing page, and user-friendly explanatory text

 CoreTech can assist your organization in determining if this patient portal will fulfill your needs. We achieve this by taking the time to understand your processes and workflow and aligning them with the functionality that this tool offers. CoreTech is the best company in the industry for you as we have years of experience implementing patient portals in both large and small organizations. We always put our clients needs first and will work diligently until we meet the needs of our customers. Contact CoreTech for more information and see how we can help your organization today!

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