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Christmas, an exciting time of year, where family comes together, and we have a time to reflect on the past year – our successes and failures. Additionally, what do we want to accomplish next year, what do we want to do differently. It is true for business too, reflections of the past and anticipation for the future. As you anticipate 2019; goal planning, mission adjusting, strategy defining, and finance setting tasks begin to formulate. You get them down on paper and then prepare to dig in with your teams to plan the ‘how-to’. But wait – some of these ideas were on the 2018 plan and they didn’t happen!


goal planning

Reflect and begin goal planning and strategy for your 2019 mission!

Why? The list of ‘why’s’ can be endless but how do you pinpoint those things that can have the biggest, quickest impact on the results? Have you heard the phrase – ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees?’ or ‘Sometimes, you get in your own way.’?


An outside consultant can certainly help you. If you have ever put a puzzle together, you know that you sometimes must walk away and then look again, or better yet, get a different set of eyes on it to see what you have been staring at the whole time.


Most businesses have many terrific attributes; talented staff, excellent plans, but there is a gap preventing the success you are looking for. Getting that second pair of eyes can make all the difference. CoreTech Revolution has the eyes that can help you find those gaps – years of experience, and success in helping people find their gap!


Michelle Burton, Owner and Principal of CoreTech Revolution spent 15 years creating and implementing successful technology solutions for a variety of healthcare-related organizations including Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, IU Health, Ascension Health as well as numerous medical device companies and physician practices. She followed her entrepreneurial spirit and founded CoreTech Revolution in 2004.


Jane Niederberger, Executive Strategy Consultant, is an experienced healthcare and technology executive with over 30 years of success in the healthcare industry, has a proven ability for transitioning strategy into execution; she has a demonstrated ability to lead, transform, and streamline enterprise-wide restructuring and organizational change. Jane is a collaborative leader who engages and coaches’ others towards sustainable success; known for strong people management and customer satisfaction.


A combined 45 years of experience has strengthened and sharpened the vision through those ‘extra set of eyes’ that might be the difference between your success and failure. We can help you with goal planning, mission adjusting, strategy defining, and finance setting. Let us make your reflection of 2019 one you’ll look forward to.

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