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Mental Health And Success

Overwhelmed and stressed? Is it just the end of the year or the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Seems the year is over before you know it. It is time to close out the year, evaluations of goals, people, tasks, IT projects, finances and more. THEN . . . time to look forward, prepare and start again. Your overall mental health can be linked to building success.


It seems the years go faster and faster. What happens to the time? Sometimes it is healthy to take a look back, assess the good and the bad and re-adjust for the upcoming year. As I look to the new year, I take stock of what I accomplished – and what I didn’t! That diet I planned last year hasn’t gone so well and there’s the promise to work out more – busted! Work goals took a topsy-turvy adventure. So how should one mentally prepare for the new year? How can my mental state help or obstruct my building success?


I found an article on google by the Plymouth Psychological Group that talked about this very thing. Interestingly enough, they state that mental health plays a bigger role in your success than you might think. They offered these tips:


  1. Ditch high expectations and set realistic goals for the new year. Set smaller goals that you can attain and see small progression. It’s encouraging to meet smaller goals first. Eventually the small progress grows. In business, I know we always set stretch-goals. Never really understood that – so we set goals that seem to be just out of the teams reach. Depending on the team, the business, it might not be good for the psyche and in others it might actually work, especially if you break the big goal down into little goals that can be met along the way.
  2. Explore what is most meaningful to you. You are more successful if the goal is something you are passionate about; or something you want to do for you and not for someone else. Are you passionate about your work? Is it a good fit? Does your job suit your values? Maybe it is time to explore finding work that is driven by your passion and values. Change is always scary, but it is less stressful to do what you enjoy. Or that you work for a company you enjoy. Perhaps you enjoy your work but not the place you work. There’s a good fit and a not so good fit in the workplace.
  3. Find a healthy perception to take when you feel discouraged. Self-talk rings loudly in everyone’s head. And it can teeter you to the positive side or the negative side. Which way do you usually go? Everyone has setbacks when trying to reach a goal, so expect it and find a way to battle through those times when you want to throw in the towel. I have in the past written post-it notes of encouragement and placed them around areas that I see a lot, above my jewelry box, with my vitamins, places I look every day. You never know which day they will make the difference.
  4. Pay attention to your positives. Well that’s a hard one! We tend to look at our negatives – my nose is too big, I gained a pound rather than losing, my legs are too skinny – don’t laugh, we have all done it. Ya just have those moments of self-loathing! Why we do it is hard to understand, but we all do it. As those thoughts creep into your head – STOP! What is the opposite of what was about run through that negative ticker tape of your mind? You have a lot of positives, LOOK for them.
  5. Take time to recharge. We all need time to recharge our batteries and everyone has different ways of doing that. For some it is rest and relaxation – lounging in front of the tv or the ocean, getting a massage, reconnecting with old friends. Avoid burnout and relieve stress. Long-term stress is a drain on your bodies cardiovascular and immune systems. I worked under a lot of stress for a long period of time. I didn’t realize how much so until I walked away. It felt like a ton of bricks slowly fell off my shoulders after a week or so. I just don’t think I even recognized the stress I had been under until it was gone. My whole demeanor changed. Stress is not healthy, so we need to recognize it or be sure to do something about when we do.

As part of your new year planning, be sure to assess where you are mentally and adjust your life to improve it. Assess you, your job, your stress level, your personality style.. Life moves quickly, and you only get one, – so don’t blow it all in one year!! CoreTech Revolution offers a unique assessment called the CVI. It will help you understand your personality style and your core values; how those affect your conflict strategies and what motivates you. Take a look at our CVI Assessment on the CoreTech Revolution website.


See where your talents lie and what work environment you are best suited. CORE Values drive us and working outside of our values results in stress. Stress can prevent you from building success! Cheers to your health and a prosperous new year!



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