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Essentials of Communication

Location, Location, Location – we have all heard it. And when we hear it, we think of buying a home or renting a building for our business. So, what is the most important thing in business? How about . . Communication?


Communication, Communication, Communication – it doesn’t flow as nicely, but is an essential component in any business. Communication with customers, vendors, and within the organization. Oftentimes, we spend hours conforming our message to customers or vendors to get the exact result we are seeking. But too often, we don’t spend nearly enough time working on the internal communications.





The definition of communication is:




1.the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

“direct communication between the two countries will produce greater understanding”


2.means of connection between people or places, in particular.



Imparting information, means of connection between people – doesn’t that sound essential for success? What kinds of information should be imparted? We already know that goals, expectations, policies, we understand the big stuff should be communicated. But what else? And how do you make those communications memorable?


There is lots of information out there on rules of communication, the how-to’s and don’ts but lets focus on ensuring that the right people have the right information to do the right thing. You might think that a specific department or person understands the expectation or the overarching goal, but often times the folks doing the actual work do not. Somehow important nuances or specific strategies are left uncommunicated or miscommunicated.


When you get to the end of a project and realize there was a miss of some kind then likely it was due to a lack of proper communication or lack of getting that right communication to the right person. If your organization or process has a cog missing, it will show up eventually. That missing communication cog is sometimes hard to find though.


Since communication is essential, then it is also essential to review how and when that critical information is being disseminated among the teams; finding that can be a means to success or failure. Large or small – communication is a tool that also needs managed.


CoreTech Revolution, with years of experience and lessons in communication, can help you refine your processes and communication efforts. Don’t leave it to chance – remember Communication, Communication, Communication!