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Perception vs Reality

I have worked for companies for many years as a manager. Trying to ensure that my piece of the world met the company goals, was fair to my employees, and we reached the day-to-day goals. Generally speaking, I am open to sharing company goals and strategies with my teams; it helps them have buy-in and work alongside me to reach them. However, sometimes their perception of the goals was skewed. I wasn’t sure how they heard what they heard when I was sure that wasn’t what I said? Somehow, I must have miscommunicated. Perception?


What I learned might surprise you. It wasn’t what I said at all, it was the actions taken by the overall management team that confused the issue. Apparently, the management/leadership teams weren’t really walking the talk, but just talking the talk. It was obvious when I took a second look, but not through my management glasses, through the eyes of my employees. Perception.


THEY were the ones that could see clearly. If you expect people to be on-time, then be on-time. If you expect others to meet expectations, then you have to meet expectations. Here is an example, we had production goals to be met within a specific timeframe and had an expectation that employees work to that. But, when it came time for employee evaluations, which were to be done within a specific timeframe, those expected timelines were missed by the management staff! What perception does that give to your employees?


Clear communications may have helped in this scenario, but the truth of the matter is – we didn’t meet the expectation that WE (as managers) had set, yet we expected our employees to meet the expectations we had set for them. Talk about not walking the walk!


Is your management/leadership team walking the walk or just talking the talk?!?! It really makes a difference. If you hire someone that doesn’t meet the hiring criteria, what are you saying to those already hired or those turned away – especially if they were internally seeking that position? Never underestimate what your employees know – they know more and see more than you think. Perception becomes reality!


If other employees are not expected to follow the same procedures and policies that others are expected to follow, then that incongruency will eventually cause issues among employees. See what they are seeing! It can save a lot of unproductive time. Perception is everything.


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