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Am I Wasting My Time?

Do you ever feel like you are wasting your time?  Is it because the goals aren’t clear? Or there are goals, but the people that need to help you make it happen haven’t been clued in?  Maybe, they don’t know they need to partner with you?


Too many times, I have started a project only to find, I don’t have the support, resources that I need to move the project forward.  I wonder if I missed something, so I relook at the documents, the charter, talk to sales, research the client, determine the what; no, I have it right.


Oh yeah, where is the team that needs to do the work?  I put in the tickets, made the requests but . . .

  • no urgency
  • no planning
  • no timeframe
  • no understanding that WE are the team to meet the client’s deliverables

Why?  Well, as I delved into this, generally speaking, the team to do the work, i.e., development, doesn’t have the same goals that I have.  Yes, they know they need to support projects, but it’s not their main thing.  Like anyone, they focus on their main thing and if supporting my projects isn’t their main thing, why would they?


Where did that ball get dropped?  How did they not get that message?  I mean, we all work in the same place?  If I can’t get what I need for the client, meet the deliverables, then my project fails, gets delayed, and I AM LEADING the project?


Has this happened to anyone else?  I know there is a better way to move forward and get the support I need but where is the problem?  Is it Leadership not cross-sharing the goals to all the right departments? Is the company trying to do too much at one time?  Is it a lack of prioritization?


In these situations, sometimes it is best to have an outside view.  Everyone in the company wants what is best for the company but, somehow, someway we are disconnecting somewhere.  Maybe we are too close to see it? I don’t know. But to continue like this is a waste of resources, And I have to ask myself, am I wasting my time?


Don’t be afraid to call in consultants or strategists to look at what you are doing or where you are failing.  It may not be an outright failure, just a need to fill in some gaps. Today’s business culture is a fast-moving machine, so don’t be afraid to ask for another set of eyes.  They likely will see something you are not.


Let us, CoreTech Revolution, be your eyes and tell you what we see!  Our Strategy & Operations service may uncover some missing opportunities for success!