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You count on your employees to make your vision a reality; whether they are a manager, or worker-bee, in some sense they are managing an important aspect of the business. So, what does effective people management look like? How do we do this thing called work as efficiently as possible?


Likely you are looking for results, but when those results aren’t what you had hoped for, it’s time to dig in and find out why. CoreTech Revolution can help you do that. And can help you manage your team wisely.


People management isn’t an exact science, however there are some universal ways to manage people. Here are just a few tips:


  • Be consistent – you must reward and discourage all employees consistently. Consistency is needed in several areas.
  • A, B C’s of communication – Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity
  • Team goal-setting – if you want the team to work together, then the goal has to be for the entire team. Individual goals sometimes lead employees to venture out on their own, leaving the team out of a piece of the work.
  • Be the example


These are just a few tips but there are more that can shape your team into the efficient well-oiled machine that you are looking for. It can be difficult to assess your own people management skills and styles, so ask for an assessment.


An outside opinion is of great value if you are willing to listen to an honest appraisal. Leaders that ask for help must be willing to listen, trust and adjust. The old saying ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees” is applicable. Sometimes as a leader, you are so focused on a specific aspect or detail that you don’t see the overall organization or team. And there within lies the trouble – you can’t fix it if you can’t see it.


Success is measured in many ways, but efficient and smart management of your greatest resource – people management, is crucial. In the end, it is cost-savings and goal-hitting! Give CoreTech Revolution a call for an honest assessment by an experienced business owner and past-CEO – they have seen it all!