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Is the problem Leadership or are their Leadership problems?


Honestly, the real question we should all be asking should be done in front of a mirror, “Am I the problem?”


As a consultant, I hate to admit that there have been one too many occasions where I find myself looking at a client and wondering how I am going to find the right words to tell them…it’s you. You are the leadership problem.


It’s NOT your employees or their attitudes.
It’s NOT that don’t have the correct software solution in place.
It’s NOT your current workflow or process.


Sure, some of these things may factor in, but sometimes the real problem, the thing holding your company, department, or team back from the ultimate success you desire is…YOU.


I’ve seen this happen time and time again, a potentially good leader who becomes their own roadblock.


Sometimes their intentions are good. They have all of the right skills, but they have become over-confident and have stopped listening to the advice of the people around them (team members, other leaders within the organization, mentors, etc.).


Sometimes, they have fallen prey to the thought process that a good leader solves everyone’s problems. Unfortunately, you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time, so you end up becoming a leader that is somewhat of a pushover and you lose the respect of your team. Yikes!


And, sometimes (and this one is truly my least favorite to navigate), some leaders just honestly don’t belong in that role…for any number of reasons.


I know this all sounds very grim, don’t lose HOPE! For as many times as I have seen the struggles of leadership, I have also seen the successes! If YOU are willing to acknowledge the problem and have a true willingness to do some hard, reflective work, then you WILL become the successful leader you envision. You and your team WILL find success!


I would suggest you start by reading this excellent book “The 5 Levels of Leadership: Proven Steps to Maximize Your Potential ” I have found this to be both helpful and inspiring to myself and many others along the road to good leadership. Then, please contact us. We will work to get you plugged into some excellent resources for leaders and we can also meet with you directly to evaluate your entire team and ensure that not only are you on the path to success, but so is your team. Don’t be the leadership problem!


Which leads me to my next blog topic, “How much time have you wasted training a great resource for the WRONG job?” Stay tuned…