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Common Leadership Mistakes

Leaders and managers learn by doing. Yes, we read, go to class, join a conference, but in the end, we really learn by doing! Usually by doing it wrong. Meet a leader – and they have a story about a common leadership mistakes that they made. There is no way to avoid it. When it comes to mentoring people, you think you’ve seen it all – but you haven’t.


There are some common mistakes and pitfalls to be aware of, but that doesn’t mean we won’t make the mistake anyway. The key is to learn from it. Many common leadership mistakes are made because we don’t realize what is happening or where you are failing. Here are some examples:


  • Not providing feedback
  • Not making time for your team
  • Being to “hands off” or too “friendly”
  • Failing to clearly define goals
  • Misunderstanding motivation
  • Hurrying to fill that empty desk
  • Not following your own rules/policies
  • Not delegating


It’s easy to get bogged down by the busyness of the day and miss some of the above. You think you are making time for your team because you are thinking about what they are doing, how they are doing it and if they are successful. But that is not the same thing as having conversations with the team or holding regular meetings.


Common leadership mistakes are just that – common! So don’t beat yourself up, just change directions! There a ways to see if your leadership has gaps in it. Observing your team, objectively. Do they appear to lack direction or coordination of the work? Is there a loss of morale or obvious change to frustration and attitude? Low performance? If so, take a close look and ask why?


Generally, people show up to work to make an impact. If they feel they are not, then it will show. No one starts their day with the thought that they are going to be frustrated and accomplish little, but if that is the result, then as the leader, it is your job to find out why?


Sometimes that is hard to do, so be open to inviting a third party to take a look for you. CoreTech Revolution does just that. We have lots of experience where we can easily see common leadership mistakes. Probably because back in our history somewhere we learned the hard way. So, take advantage of that, we can share those stories with you.