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The Never-Ending Project

Do projects seem to go on and on and on and . . . , well you get the picture! Why do some projects seem to never reach their end? Is it because of…


Added scope?

New direction?

Lack of proper resources?

No sense of urgency?


I understand; been there, done that! All of them. How do you prevent that from happening? Do you know why the projects scope or direction changed? Where did that come from? Leadership? Other stakeholders? Didn’t they know what they wanted the first time around? And why isn’t anyone else on board with the project? Why is there no sense of urgency?


Sometimes, it is really hard to see where the ball got dropped . . . or whom picked it back up with a different goal in mind. Most companies want to succeed in every aspect including your project, but for some reason there is a gap; a missing link somewhere and no one can figure it out. The project started well, seemed clear to everyone, but somehow there are offshoots of the original plan. The plan seems to have been lost.


Have you ever stared at a problem for so long that you just can’t see it anymore? It happens to everyone and sometimes just getting a fresh set of eyes on it can help bring things into view. It is like staring at the pieces of a puzzle, walking away and then immediately seeing that missing piece. That is what CoreTech Revolution’s Strategy & Operations service does – provides that fresh set of eyes. With years of collective experience, we can uncover the root of your problem and make suggestions to stop the madness and get your projects completed, timely and efficiently!


We have an assessment roadmap: COREPurpose, COREAssessment and CORETransformation. Outline key areas for focus and/or improvements, then determine your customized solution, and finally implement and execute the plan for success. Reach out today!