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Lights, Camera ACTION!!

The set quiets and the camera rolls – execution begins! All the reading of lines, practicing the movements, designing the set, everyone is ready to play their part! Suddenly – you hear “CUT! CUT! Stop the camera!” Oops – something is wrong! Task execution reads the same.


I feel like every day, I know what to do and where to be, how I am supposed to say it and manage it and then in my head I hear “CUT! CUT! Stop the camera!” Now I need to see where the task execution went wrong and how to fix it.


task executionEach day we complete tasks to get to the next step -proceed towards successful completion of the project but along the way we have to stop and reassess our task execution. That is true for everyone on every project or task. Often the plan just doesn’t follow through as it was envisioned. We assessed, strategized, outlined, planned, procured and next thing you know – “CUT! CUT! Stop the camera!”


Actually, as frustrating as that sounds, it is all part of task execution. The definition of execution is the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action. Sounds so easy, but sometimes you have to re-plan, re-order and change the course of action.


We find that some plans just weren’t accurate, we estimated wrong, or found out something we didn’t know before. Other times, the result we were planning for changed, or maybe just expanded, tightened, or a piece was lost in translation somewhere. Regardless of the redirect, task execution is all about stepping back and reassessing.


In order to have a complete success in your task, project or movie, you have to execute and review, then repeat. Expect to run into a few obstacles, or to have to step back and re-position and start again. If you watch sports at all, I think that is their life – that formation didn’t gain any yards, try a different one.


Don’t let it frustrate you; add it to your plan and your execution will go much better. In project management, we call it a stage gate review – people use different terms, but it all means the same.


Lights, Camera ACTION!! AGAIN! CoreTech Revolution can help you. We can plan, assess and strategize and then we can execute! Our years of experience have allowed us to see the upcoming pitfalls and hidden chuck-holes. Any reduction of having to “CUT!” saves you time and money. Let us add to the ACTION!

CoreTech Revolution is an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing project services, strategy & operations support, and specialized knowledge within HIT and health information exchange. With a keen eye for healthcare operations and business processes, CoreTech Revolution is skilled in defining client requirements, creating, and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize adoption, minimize resistance, and meet project and organizational objectives.


Our approach of CorePurpose CoreAssessment, and CoreTransformation brings organizations positive and efficient changes to their current structure leaving the staff with successful repeatable processes and sustainable IT foundations.

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