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Each organization has its own personality, its own illustration of accepted norms and values, in other words, each organization has its own culture; its own proper way to behave within the organization. Business culture is important as it shows a shared value system, shared way of ‘getting things done’ and provides unity to its members.


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Culture helps us to identify with a group, unified thinking and acting. It appeals to the sense of belonging that we all need. A camaraderie, where we are all on the same team, working towards like-goals.


If you were asked to describe your business culture, it would likely vary from one of your co-workers. People use all types of characteristics to describe a culture, atmosphere, the way you treat each other, components of culture like reliability, enterprising. The list could go on and on. Essentially, everyone seems to have their own definition of culture. Not even Webster has a definition of company or business culture. Here is a basic list of attributes used to describe culture:


  • Respect/Fairness
  • Trust/Integrity
  • Change/Adaptability
  • Results Orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Engagement
  • Responsibility/Accountability
  • Learning Opportunities


The culture consists of shared beliefs and values established by the company leaders and then communicated and reinforced in various ways, ultimately shaping employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding. So, if a company wants to change their culture, the leaders need to change the perceptions and behaviors.


To build a foundation for a great business culture, one must identify company values and put those values into action. However, the leadership team may not all exhibit those same values. It is important to recognize the values that are to be shared by the organization and thus exhibited by the leadership team. It is not enough to say that ‘Respect/Fairness’ is an important value when a leader or policy doesn’t support it. Issuing different punitive actions for the same offense is contradictory and creates distrust and a hole in the armor of your company or business culture.


Business culture can fight against success if it seems contradictory or incongruent to the organization. CoreTech Revolution can help you turn those company values into a culture that supports your vision. It takes time to change a culture but reviewing values and ensuring consistency is a start. How do you want your staff to describe your culture?

CoreTech Revolution is an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing project services, strategy & operations support, and specialized knowledge within HIT and health information exchange. With a keen eye for healthcare operations and business processes, CoreTech Revolution is skilled in defining client requirements, creating, and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize adoption, minimize resistance, and meet project and organizational objectives.


Our approach of CorePurpose CoreAssessment, and CoreTransformation brings organizations positive and efficient changes to their current structure leaving the staff with successful repeatable processes and sustainable IT foundations.

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