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Streamline Work Processes

We all have processes to follow no matter what industry we are in. But have you ever asked yourself why you do some of the processes that you follow? Do they make sense? In my past, I was trained to follow certain processes for specific functions but after doing it for a while it appeared that my process was causing more work for someone else. It didn’t make sense to me. Perhaps it is time to streamline work processes?


Streamline Work Processes | Blog | CoreTech

When you notice that a process you follow, or one another department follows, doesn’t make sense, it is time to dig in – ask why? Sometimes it is an unpopular question, people don’t like to change. Besides if you change, then you must remember the change. It can be a daunting task if the original process didn’t really affect someone, but the new process does.


When does it make sense to review your current processes? Honestly, we should all review processes to be sure they are still needed. Sometimes a new automation makes a step in the process unneeded. Perhaps as the new year starts and goals are reviewed, processes should be re-evaluated as well. To streamline work processes, you have to review the task list with those in the organization they affect.


When I have done that evaluation, I found that one of the tasks I was completing in the process was out of date. The information that I was gathering was no longer needed because the next step in the process was being systematically supplied. The task I was doing, was arduous and yet, no one had shared that it no longer needed to be done manually. Talk about saving time and aggravation!


Not all employees think to share a new advance in the technology, or they assume that you already know. Making these assumptions can continue to cause time-wasters in your day, or in someone else’s day. But who has time to review processes? It isn’t easy to make time for this type of work. Most people, if asked, are just fine doing it the way it has always been. Have you heard that before?


It might be more efficient for your organization to get outside assistance rather than evaluating processes yourself. Besides it taking time away from daily business, you also will likely get resistance from within the organization. A fresh set of eyes on your processes may reveal more than you would have noted yourself.


CoreTech Revolution is an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing project services, strategy & operations support, and specialized knowledge within HIT and health information exchange. With a keen eye for healthcare operations and business processes, CoreTech Revolution is skilled in defining client requirements, creating, and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize adoption, minimize resistance, and meet project and organizational objectives.


Our approach of CorePurpose CoreAssessment, and CoreTransformation brings organizations positive and efficient changes to their current structure leaving the staff with successful repeatable processes and sustainable IT foundations.

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