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Company Culture & Its Adoption

New Boss, New Culture. New CEO, New Culture. New Executive, New Culture. Do you see a pattern here? Any time an organization adds or changes leadership, there is generally also a change in the company culture. It doesn’t mean a lot of changes have been instituted, but eventually there is a slight change to the company culture.


How does a company culture change? Whether in big strides or small, eventually, with new leadership, there is seen a shift in the overall company culture. It might be big, like a relaxed environment might become slowly more rigid. Some organizations want their employees to be completely laid back, comfortable which may be illustrated in a relaxed, casual dress code, comfy relaxed couches and chairs, music playing in the background, newspapers and other reading material available and no stringent start and stop times.


But over time, that company culture can change; business casual to professional dress policy is instituted, the comfy relaxed couch is replaced with a straight-back chair and table, no music humming in the background and the only reading material is business journals; time in and out is identified as 8-5.


Did you get a feel for the description of the two different work environments above? I did – just typing it out. I have worked for companies that were very laid back like the first description which was fun and relaxed. However, the down side was that there was little urgency to getting things done. Goals weren’t a high priority. Chit-chat was common-place along with longer lunches and breaks.


On the other hand, a more stringent environment, like the second description, left little room for creativity, it was a churning mill putting out the next deliverable with precision, very serious faces in every cube and only the sounds of pecking keyboards broke the silence.


What do you want people to see when they enter your business? It very much depends on your type of business. If you are an accounting or investment firm, you might want your clients to see that you take their financial concerns seriously, so a more rigid and serious environment is appropriate. If you are a website development company, you might want your clients to see a more fun creative environment. So, the first consideration is what you want your clients to see?


Additionally, what do you want to convey to your employees? It is probably similar to what you want your clients to see but to a different degree. Internal policies can help navigate the subtle culture you want your employees to have.


Either way, your culture will be slowly adopted by the environment it hosts. It can be adopted quickly with policy changes or slowly with slight adjustments to the surroundings. Ask yourself upon entering your business . . . does what I see support my mission/vision/values? Is it relaying what I want my customers to believe about me? If not, your company culture may be in need of a boost.


CoreTech Revolution is an IT consulting firm that specializes in providing project services, strategy & operations support, and specialized knowledge within HIT and health information exchange. With a keen eye for healthcare operations and business processes, CoreTech Revolution is skilled in defining client requirements, creating, and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize adoption, minimize resistance, and meet project and organizational objectives.


Our approach of CorePurpose CoreAssessment, and CoreTransformation brings organizations positive and efficient changes to their current structure leaving the staff with successful repeatable processes and sustainable IT foundations.

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