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What makes a super-star employee? Do you recognize if you have one or maybe two? Did you encourage and mold them into a super-star or did you happen to hire them that way? Either way, your organization benefits from having them and you don’t want to lose them. The intriguing question is, what are the traits of a super-star employee?


Super-Star Employee


Seriously?!?! No one has all of those traits! No way! We can maybe check off a good majority of them, but . . . .all of them? If you can help it, that is certainly an employee that you do NOT want to lose. Some of these traits are the traits of being a good person, not just an employee. Can you separate the two? Can you multiply these traits into other employees? I have known employees to have these traits but even the best didn’t have them all. At least not every day.


When you have an employee that exemplifies much of this list then you certainly want to ensure you foster these traits, to continue in them and be an inspiration to others. You need to make sure your star has enough on her plate to stay fully engaged — but not so much that she gets burned out. And you need to “offer positive feedback.” Where do they want to go next? Keep them challenged.


Perhaps work with them on leadership skills or give them small projects to allow them to exercise other skills. You can’t over-do it on the super-star and give them all of the work, even though you know they would get it all done. You still need to spread the wealth. Is there future growth opportunities within your company? Envision where your super-star might grow towards and help them get there.


Have you ever worked along-side a super-star? It can be really hard if you are not the super-star! The group dynamics can be tough on the whole team. You don’t want your other performers to build resentment because there is a super-star on the team. They need the chance to become the super-star as well. Likewise, how does the super-star interact with others? Do they know they are the super-star and act like it? Are others jealous? Are you the super-star? How do you treat your coworkers? Supervisors need to balance that. Be sure to ask all of your staff, where they want to go and where they see themselves in the future.


Regardless of how much a dream it is to have a super-star – be sure to look at the big picture – for the super-star and your other staff. You never know, you just might have a super-star in the rough, just waiting to shine!


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