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Project Services

Same goal, different languages

The goal is often the same, but the language is different. In our healthcare system today, seamless, high quality patient care depends on both expert clinicians and an intricate information technology system. Yet combining the two is often a highly complex and challenging process.  CoreTech’s project services help bridge the gap between your organization’s clinical and technology needs.


CoreTech is your partner to translate and deliver simple or multifaceted solutions on time as well as on budget. We understand the complicated guidelines, procedures and systems. Whether it’s working with existing software, integrating multiple platforms or developing a customer application, CoreTech solves problems and develops innovative solutions using an objective approach to managing projects, streamlining businesses or managing vendor relationships.

Skilled in creating and implementing change management strategies and plans that maximize adoption, minimize resistance, and meet project and organizational objectives.

Owner of successful health information consulting business with technology-implementation experience in wide range of healthcare environments.

Displays keen eye for healthcare operations and business processes in defining client requirements and designing and implementing innovative solutions.


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