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Improved Clinical Engineering in a Large Integrated Multi-Hospital System

Issue: In any healthcare setting, it’s critical that all clinical (diagnostic and therapeutic) equipment works properly and is safe.


This large multi-hospital system recently moved its clinical engineering management back in house after several years of outsourcing. An internal audit also found multiple policy and procedural issues involving disaster recovery, quality assurance, change management and project management. The team needed help developing its own processes for systems changes, projects and quality assurance.


Solution: With its deep understanding of clinical systems, terminology, vendors, change management and establishing processes, CoreTech was brought in as the overall project manager. Our role was to develop an entire program, implement processes and procedures as well as ensure success on future audits. A mitigation strategy was developed, segmenting the large project into several smaller ones and involving all key partners such as information systems and clinical staff.


Result: The complex, sensitive projects were completed on time and on budget. First, a sustainable QA/QC function was established to monitor controls and risk management. Next, a comprehensive HIPAA assessment on all CE systems was conducted followed by the development, documentation and implementation of comprehensive policies and procedures for all CE supported systems including change management, virus protection, patch management, disaster recovery and computer virus issues.


The project also included a migration plan to move the servers to a safer location and the creation of a formal project management process.

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