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PMO Development & Support

Utilize our project management resources to boost IT efficiency, cut costs, and improve on project delivery

CoreTech Revolution offers PMP-certified project management with extensive health care experience to deliver efficient, technology-based solutions for your projects, large and small. We assess your current technology needs then design and implement needed systems.

Identify the Problem – Often you know you have a problem and what area the problem resides, but you may need help identifying the root cause. CoreTech will work with you and your team to ask questions and help you identify the true cause of the problem. We do this by observing your team, working side-by-side on processes, identifying workflow, and understanding where you have pain within your processes.


Create a Solution for Your Team – Once the true source of the problem has been unmasked, we work with you to develop a solution that will work for your team. We do not dictate a canned solution to you, rather we work with you to create a solution that counts and will work for your team in the long haul.


Develop Processes & Documentation – After ideal solution has been identified, we work to develop workflow processes, documentation, and procedures that can be used to train your team. As part of this process we also develop a process for quality management to ensure that the new procedures are being adopted and that the documentation is kept current and relevant over the long term.


Training, Implementation, & Modification – Change is difficult, we understand this better than anyone. So, we don’t just train your team and disappear. We partner with them to effectively implement the new solution, verify that the new processes truly work within your workflow and the other teams you may support. Often during this step we find areas that need to be modified or adjusted to support specific workflow requirements or external team/vendor support requirements. We will work with you to make those adjustments and implement the modified solutions. We are your partner throughout this entire process.

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