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Recorded Webinars

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Organizational transformation can be challenging.  CoreTech has the tools and expertise to navigate your organization through these tumultuous waters.  Our webinars offer nuggets of wisdom to get you started. Complimentary webinars will be hosted by Michelle L. Burton, Principal, and Jane Niederberger, Executive Strategy Consultant, of CoreTech Revolution.


All attendees are eligible to receive a Free Core Values Index™. This invaluable tool provides deep insight into the motivational drivers of an individual, their conflict strategies, unique learning styles, and natural wiring for certain types of work. The Core Values Index™ is quickly becoming the go-to tool for HR professionals around the globe!

Leadership Sessions:

Session 1:
Leadership and
Management of People

Session 2:
How to Lead & Manage
People Properly

Session 3:
Leadership & Management
Common Mistakes

Teamwork Training Sessions:

Session 1:
Aligning Goals

Session 2:
Shared Values

Session 3:
Building Trust

Session 3:
Building the Right Team

In addition to the methods we already employ, we have partnered with Taylor Protocols to add a Core Values Index™ (CVI™) to better address relationship/people management optimization. The CVI takes just 10 minutes to complete – CLICK HERE to try it out and see how this tool can help your business.

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