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Strategy & Operations

Find the clarity to create and implement your organization’s vision

Strategy Services Solutions takes our combined (60) years of healthcare, technology and operations expertise to partner with you to build a stronger business. Healthcare organizations — and their employees — want to know what the outlook of their industry is, where the organization is heading and most importantly how it will get there. In addition, employees need to see the importance of their work reflected, and understand how it impacts the organization’s future vision.

Our strategic thinking and planning process aligns your work to your mission and makes the most of your healthcare technology systems by efficiently delivering and sharing information. We tackle questions such as:

What is your vision, and how will you measure your long-term success?

What is your current and future competitive position?

What key capabilities and services should your teams be focusing on and how will you measure success?

Workflow optimization is critical for future success. Our expertise in your industry supports a focus on quality and service improvements in your operations as well as the types of resources required to achieve these gains. Working in partnership with your people is vital to realizing results.

Which processes are adding value and how do we streamline them?

What skills are needed to optimize your business and where do we find them in the organization?

How do we align your people to bring out their best contributions?

Clients are able to introduce change that is adopted and sustainable due to our focus on workplace relationships and cooperation. We work alongside your team to guide, encourage, lead, and coach. Throughout the planning activity, the leadership owns the strategic plan and understands how to get there while employees are engaged throughout the process.


Align vision, key goals, concerns, barriers and frustrations to achieve success


Develop customized plan addressing gaps and obstacles to fulfill organizational goals


Provide direct support and coaching to facilitate organizational change

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