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Current-State Strategic Assessment

CoreTech Revolution’s experienced team takes a deep dive into your organization to complete a strategic assessment and gap analysis. We take the time needed to understand your vision so we can expertly assess the environment to determine the vulnerabilities in getting there. We know you cannot focus on everything all the time, so we work with you to prioritize which areas will give you the greatest value now. COREAssessment is a customized solution for your organization.

Common objectives routinely solved:


Systems & Tools

Team & Talent

Productivity Improvement

Adoption & Culture

Spending & Sourcing

Customer Relationships

Employee Satisfaction

Our Process

COREAssessment provides customized optimization solutions in an a-la-carte format. The key output of the COREAssessment will include a detailed organizational roadmap document.  This will be used during implementation of the CORETransformation.


The COREAssessment would typically include 3 or 4 of the following items that would be identified during the COREPurpose:

  • Human Capital
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Mission & Vision
      • Executive Team Profile
      • Team Culture
      • Right People, Right Seat
      • Skills Evaluation & Training
      • Organizational Structure
      • Productivity & Performance Metrics

Best choice
  • Strategy & Operations
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Organizational Culture
      • Financial Management
      • Project & Portfolio Management
      • Internal & External Customer Engagement
      • Sourcing & Vendor Management
      • Authority & Accountability Matrix
      • Communication
      • Governance

  • Technology
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Hardware & Software Inventory
      • Software Development Model
      • Critical Technology Processes
      • Analytics & Information Management
      • Systems Integration
      • Digital Strategy
      • Security

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