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Establish a shared purpose.

CoreTech Revolution believes in listening to the stakeholders, after all it’s your business and you’re the experts. We listen and ask questions. We look for the real issues that are getting in the way. The COREPurpose confirms, understands and documents strategic goals, concerns, barriers and frustrations.  The outcome of our time together becomes an outline of the key areas that need specific focus and/or improvements – a detailed roadmap to COREAssessment.

Common objectives routinely solved:

Teams & Talent


Funding & Cost

Operations & Transformation

Our Process

CoreTech Revolution makes sure that expectations are aligned at the leadership level so that your team focuses on the important work.  Our consultants know how to work closely with leadership to hone in on the real concerns, creating a solid foundation to move forward.

  • CEO Interviews
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Establish Specific CEO & Key Stakeholder Goals
      • Understand Public & Private Goals of the Organization
      • Identify Barriers to Success
      • Define Expected Deliverables/Outcomes
      • Understand Time Constraints

Best choice
  • Executive Team & Stakeholder Interviews
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Confirm Scope and Strategic Goals
      • Understand Key Variants
      • Understand and Document Concerns, Barriers, and Frustrations
      • Align Executive Goals with CEO Expectations
      • Define Win/Win Groundwork

  • Key Outputs
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Documented Problem Statement
      • Set of Confirmed Strategic Goals and Metrics
      • CVI for Key Stakeholders
      • Plan for Next Steps with COREAssessment

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