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Session 3: Leadership & Management Common Mistakes

Wednesday, February 20th at 11:00-12:00 EST

In This Complimentary Webinar You Will Learn:


    • What are the Common Mistakes Made By Leaders & Managers
    • How To Know You are Making Mistakes
    • How To Prevent Making these Mistakes
    • Impacts Of Making Leadership & Management Mistakes

Who Should Attend:

Anyone seeking to improve their leadership and management skills and avoid the pitfalls of leading a team. This will be valuable for new and experienced leaders/managers alike. If you want to improve your skills for your organization or future business, whether you are an HR professional, coach, manager, or training to be one, then this webinar is for YOU! We are confident you will learn actionable skills to aid you in successfully leading others.

Experienced Leadership Team:

Michelle L. Burton

Owner & Principal

CoreTech Revolution

Jane E. Niederberger

Executive Strategy Consultant

CoreTech Revolution

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